New Release - SMD4 Stepper Motor Drive Now Available!

Posted on Friday 15th March 2024 at 11:00

We are excited to share that the SMD4 is now available for sale.

The SMD4 is a single-axis bipolar stepper motor drive that has been specifically designed and optimised for use with our series of UHV stepper motors. In conjunction with the AML Device Control software, this is the best way to control AML's UHV stepper motors. 

SMD4 Front Panel

The SMD4 builds upon Arun Microelectronics’ decades of experience in designing and manufacturing UHV compatible stepper motors and stepper motor drives. The SMD4 introduces highly requested new features and compatibility.

Computer Control (USB, Ethernet and Serial)

The SMD4 has a range of interfaces available to the user. Command from a host PC or PLC through USB, Ethernet or Serial communications. Use our powerful AML Device Control software to easily configure and control multiple drives. The RS232 and RS485 interface can be used to bus together multiple SMD4s.

SMD4 Rear Panel

Voltage Boost Feature

The SMD4 is powered using an industry standard 48 Vdc power supply. The drive voltage is boosted to 67 V to maximise speed and torque performance of the motor. A power supply is included with the SMD4.

Encoder Module (Coming Soon)

A module for interfacing with incremental and BiSS encoders is coming soon. Once released, AML can supply a complete encoder solution with our UHV compatible stages and mechanisms. The encoder module can be supplied separately and retrofitted by users to SMD4s purchased without the option.

VSM17 Encoder

Specification Overview

  • Optimised for vacuum: Single-channel UHV stepper motor driver, ideally suited for use with our range of UHV stepper motors.
  • USB, Ethernet, RS232 and RS485: Multiple interfaces for easy control from a host PC or PLC.
  • Voltage boost feature: Power using a standard 48 Vdc power supply, and the drive voltage is boosted to 67 Vdc to maximise speed and torque.
  • Maximises motor operating time: Minimise temperature rise and outgassing with advanced drive current profiles.
  • Motor thermal protection: Monitor motor temperature using the thermocouple or RTD inputs. Drive current is removed if temperature exceeds safe levels.
  • Operating modes: Remote, step/direction enable, joystick, and bake.
  • Smooth motor operation: Up to 256x micro-step resolution minimises resonances, providing smooth motion.
  • Performance: Current adjustable from 0 A to 1 A RMS in 30 mA steps, with dynamic set-points for acceleration, running and hold currents. 



Optimised for Vacuum

AML Device Control Software

The SMD4 is optimised for maximum performance in UHV whilst minimising motor temperature. This is achieved through a range of motor thermal protection features. Included with the SMD4 is a powerful software package that allows you to easily configure and control multiple AML devices simultaneously.
Vacuum Chamber Device Control Software


SMD4 Cables

The SMD4 has released with three standard cables, giving users a wider range of configuration and compatibility options. These are:

CAB-D15D9: 3 metres long. D-sub 15-way male connector for connecting to the SMD4. D-sub 9-way female connector for connecting to a feedthrough, such as AML's VF9D-40CF.
CAB-D15MLF: 3 metres long. D-sub 15-way male connector for connecting to the SMD4. MLF18AC connector for connecting to AML's MLF18F feedthrough.
CAB-3D15MLF: 3 metres long. 3x D-sub 15-way male connectors for connecting up to 3 separate SMD4s. MLF18AC connector for connecting to AML's MLF18F feedthrough.




SMD4 Cable SMD4 Cable SMD4 Cable

All SMD4 cables are 3 metres long. If custom lengths are required, please contact AML to discuss feasibility. Air-side connectors for the SMD4 can be purchased separately, full details are available on the air-side connector category on our website.