SMD4 Stepper Motor Drive

Single-axis bipolar stepper motor drive

The SMD4 is a single-axis bipolar stepper motor drive that is engineered to drive vacuum-compatible stepper motors with maximum performance and minimal heat. It is optimised for use with AML UHV-compatible motors.


  • Optimised for vacuum: Single-channel UHV stepper motor driver, ideally suited for use with our range of UHV stepper motors
  • USB, Ethernet and RS232/485: Multiple interfaces for easy control from a host PC or PLC
  • Maximises motor operating time: Minimise temperature rise and outgassing with advanced drive current profiles
  • Motor thermal protection: Monitor motor temperature using the thermocouple or RTD inputs. Drive current is removed if temperature exceeds safe levels
  • Voltage boost feature: Power using a standard 48 Vdc power supply, and the drive voltage is boosted to 67 Vdc to maximise speed and torque
  • Smooth motor operation: Up to 256x micro-step resolution minimises resonances, providing smooth motion
  • Performance: Current adjustable from 0 A to 1 A RMS in 30 mA steps, with dynamic set-points for acceleration, running and hold currents
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SMD4JOY JoystickContact Us
SPSU48V-J 48 Vdc, 60 W Power SupplyContact Us
VF9D-SMD4 3 metre cable. VF9D-40CF to SMD4Contact Us

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