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AML Device Control Software.

Software developed to make interfacing with our products easy.

  • Manage multiple devices simultaneously
  • Edit configuration of devices
  • Control movement of stepper motors & stages
  • Gauge controller support
  • Scripting interface with example snippets
  • USB, TCP/IP and Serial support
  • Auto device discovery
Prompt support

Streamline the support process.

To aid in the efficient processing of your support enquiry, kindly include the following details, where possible:

  • Item Part Number and Serial Number
  • Expected behaviour
  • Suspected cause
  • Photos, videos or illustrations
  • How frequently does the issue occur and how long have you been experiencing the issue
  • General overview of your system, including any nearby components

Servicing/repairs process.

Step 1 Image

Check manual for troubleshooting advice, ensuring that the fault is definitely with the AML device.

Step 2 Image

Contact support stating the model number, serial number and a brief description of the fault.

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If necessary, an RMA number will be issued. Ship the instrument back to us, following the instructions we provide.

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We diagnose and repair the instrument if possible, soak-test it and ship it back to you, usually in 3-4 weeks.

AML provide a comprehensive repair service for our out of warranty equipment.

Please email to obtain a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number, detailing the product code, serial number and fault description.

Frequently asked questions.

Instruments models PGC1, PGC2, PGC2D, NGC2, NGC2D, NGC3 & SMD210 that are less than 20 years old are eligible for repairs.

Serial numbers starting with a letter correspond to the year of manufacture:
Nxxx yyy = 2003
Oxxx yyy = 2004
Pxxx yyy = 2005

Eight-digit serial numbers start with the year of manufacture:
13xxx-xxx = 2013
14xxx-xxx = 2014 and so on.

The standard repair charge is £352.00, with 98% of repairs being completed within this standard charge. Return carriage is extra.

  • Rectification of all common faults and specific faults described by the user's fault description, resulting from use of the product under the specified operating conditions.
  • Updating or replacement of the power supply.
  • Replacement of the fan.
  • Replacement of the battery-backed RAM if required.
  • Functional and safety check.
  • Re-calibration of the ion gauge electrometer.
  • 3-day soak-test.
  • 3-month warranty on repairs and components used, excluding fans.
  • Re-packing in a new carton, where necessary.
  • Damage caused by electrical discharges, overheating, fire or water.
  • Mechanical damage to the instrument.
  • Cleaning or decontamination.
  • Repair of unauthorised modifications or rectification of repairs not made by AML.
  • Problems caused by the use of gauges or leads not approved by AML.
  • Problems caused by replacement (other than by AML) of sub-assemblies that comply with a different specification than those in the instrument at the time it was manufactured.
  • Identification or repair of intermittent or unusual faults which were not in the user's fault description.
  • Identification or repair of faults within the repair warranty period that are not related to the user's description of the repaired fault.
  • Resolution of interface problems due to user or third-party software.
  • Intensity-matching of LED displays.
  • Replacement of LED display elements.

AML will provide an estimate or advise that the instrument is beyond economic repair. If our repair estimate is greater than the standard charge, we will require a new or amended order, or will issue a new prepayment invoice. AML reserve the right to declare any instrument beyond economic repair at any time. AML will not normally charge for instruments that cannot be repaired. If an instrument is returned to the customer without charging for a repair, then AML reserves the right to remove sub-assemblies that have been fitted.

A calibration, safety, and soak test will be completed, and the charge may be reduced.

Most repairs will be completed within 3 - 4 working weeks, however, depending on component and resource availability, repairs can sometimes take up to 8 weeks. Delay in providing an order, any requested information or invoice payment will extend this.

AML reserve the right to dispose of instruments returned without a covering order, a return authorisation (RMA), disposal instructions or with an unpaid invoice.

Generally, no service report is provided unless an application problem or misuse is detected, or if a service report is requested, for which AML will charge.

To fully test the instrument, settings may be altered or reset to default. It's advisable to record settings and re-set them as required after the instrument is returned.

No, it is very risky. BA Gauges are very fragile. These and the leads can be adequately tested with an ohmmeter. BA gauges with leaky feedthroughs or distorted grids should be scrapped. Gauges should not be returned for replacement of filaments, as this is a simple procedure and instructions are provided with replacement filament kits. Pirani gauges are inexpensive and do not justify repair.

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