A range of accessories to be used in conjunction with other AML products.

Centering Ring

Centering Ring  zcr16

KF16 centering ring used for mating KF flanges and include both the centering ring and O-ring. The centering ring contains a rubber elastomeric fluorocarbon o-ring.

Swing Clamp

Swing Clamp  zsc16

KF16 aluminium swing clamp used in conjunction with a centering ring for mating KF flanges.

Copper Gaskets

Copper Gaskets  zgsk

Electrolytically refined oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) Copper Gaskets for CF Flanges. Impermeable to gases and able to withstand moderatly high temperatures.

CF Hex Head Bolt & Nut Sets

CF Hex Head Bolt & Nut Sets  zbkt

These stainless steel bolt sets fit clearance (through-hole) CF flanges.

USB to DB9 RS-232 Adapter Cable

USB to DB9 RS-232 Adapter Cable  xusb232

USB to DB9 RS232 cable lets PC users add an additional serial port for RS-232 connections using USB.