VSM17-R-72K Rotation Stage Options

Posted on Monday 22nd January 2024 at 11:37

The VSM17-R-72K is AML's high-performance rotation stage with specification highlights that include 0.005° resolution, a load capacity of 100 kg and 360° continuous rotation.

This post explores all the options available for the VSM17-R-72K, alongside our new video demonstration. Each option adapts the stage for a specific purpose, such as increasing the range of control process available, or adapting the stage for compatibility in unique environments. 



High resolution UHV rotation stage. 0.005 resolution.

The options are: 

Option LS: Limit switches 
Option ER: Incremental encoder 
Option EA: Absolute encoder 
Option R: Radiation resistant 

Option LS:

Adds AML's VLS1 limit switch to the stage. As demonstrated in the video, this includes a mount for the limit switch and its actuator. The limit switch is actuated once per rotation and resides at a fixed location. It provides a repeatable datum point from which movement can be planned.  

The modular design of the limit switch means it can be retrofitted by the user later, even if not specified at order. 

Limit switches can be configured through AML's SMD3/SMD4 stepper motor drive. Learn more about configuring limit switches in the SMD3/SMD4 manual by clicking here. 

Option ER

Adds a UHV compatible Renishaw TONiC™ incremental encoder to the stage. Use where open loop control is insufficient, and greater precision in positional feedback is required. Includes a reference mark that may be used to set a datum.

Choose option EA instead if absolute as opposed to relative position feedback is required. 

Option EA:

Adds a UHV compatible Renishaw RESOLUTE™ absolute encoder. Specify when absolute positional feedback is required. Uses the industry standard BiSS-C 26-bit interface, which provides approximately 0.019 arc-second resolution. 

Option R:

Radiation hardens the stage, making it compatible with a total dose of 1E6 Gy of gamma radiation. 

This is achieved by using dry-lubricated hybrid bearings and removing the PTFE content of our standard motors. The worm and wheel gearing of the VSM17-R-72K is also dry lubricated. Please note that dry lubricated motors may, depending on the application, have significantly shorter life expectancies than motors using the standard NyeTorr® UHV grease. 

Custom Modifications:

The VSM17-R-72K is also available to be customised to meet the requirements of unique applications. Please contact us at sales@arunmicro.com to discuss your requirements. Custom modifications cover a wide variety of changes that can be made to the stage, for example: 

- Alterations to the mounting table's mounting pattern.
- Changing the dimensions of the mounting table itself.
- Increasing the resolution to 0.001° by adding AML’s SG35-005 (5:1 ratio) inline spur gearhead.

If you would like to discuss the VSM17-R-72K and all the options available, please contact AML today.