SMD3 Stepper Motor Drive

Single-axis bipolar stepper motor drive

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The SMD3 is a single-axis bipolar stepper motor drive that is engineered to operate vacuum-compatible stepper motors with maximum performance while minimising temperature rise. It is optimised for use with AML UHV-compatible motors.

Powerful software is supplied with the SMD3 that enables you to control and configure multiple SMD3 units simultaneously, in a single user-friendly graphical interface.


  • Single-channel UHV stepper motor drive optimised for vacuum use, ideally suited for use with our range of UHV stepper motors
  • Advanced low-power drive techniques for minimum motor temperature rise, minimum outgassing and maximum operating time
  • Holding torque can be controlled independently of dynamic torque under program control, to reduce power
  • Full-step and up to 256x micro-step resolution, with user-configurable transition from micro step to full-step mode (stops on full-step positions only; micro-stepping used for control of resonance and smoother step transition)
  • Continuous monitoring of motor temperature with automatic shutdown if motor temperature exceeds tolerable levels
  • Current adjustable from 0 A to 1 A RMS in approx. 30 mA steps
  • 2 x configurable limit inputs
  • Opto-coupled step, direction and enable interface
  • Control via USB
  • Comprehensive configuration and control software supplied, or interface to your own application. C# API is available
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SMD3 Stepper motor drive587.00765.00705.00
SMD3JOY Two Button Joystick74.00100.0090.00
SPSU48V 48 Vdc, 60 W Power Supply84.00110.00105.00

USB Type-C (appears as virtual COM port on PC)


180 mm x 105 mm x 26 mm


0.6 kg

Protection class

IP 20


Operation 10°C to 60°C,
Storage -10°C to 85°C

Power supply

External 15 Vdc to 67 Vdc power supply required

Power comsumption

28 W maximum

Suitable types

2 phase bipolar stepper motor with 4 leads

Phase current

Up to 1 A RMS, adjustable in 30 mA steps

Source voltage

As supply voltage, 67 Vdc maximum


8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 micro-stepping


Short to ground and phase to phase

Operating Modes
USB Remote Control

USB Remote Control diagram

  • Accepts commands from host PC or PLC
  • Powerful software supplied
  • Control and configure multiple axes at once
Step and direction

Step and direction diagram

  • Opto-isolated step, direction enable
  • Configurable rising or rising/falling edge
  • Interpolation feature: full-step input can be interpolated up to 256x, reducing step input frequency while keeping the benefits of micro-stepping
Step and direction triggered

Step and direction triggered diagram

  • Start/stop using step signal, CW/CCW according to direction signal
  • Motor moves according to configured velocity profile

Joystick diagram

  • Ideal for basic movement during commissioning
  • Press for one step, press and hold for slew
  • Latching mode: press to start/stop

Joystick diagram

  • Heats the motor by energising both phases and holding the motor stationary, regulating the current to achieve a setpoint temperature.
  • Used to drive off adsorbed moisture in the motor.

Joystick diagram

  • Home mode drives the motor to the positive or negative limit switch.


Compatible switch types

Mechanical NO or NC (polarity selectable)


Withstands continuous short to 12 V maximum


Source current < 1 mA

Motor temperature measurement

Selectable PT100 RTD or K-Type thermocouple


-200°C to 240°C



Fault detection

RTD: Open and short circuit
Thermocouple: Open circuit only

SDE (step, direction enable) interface

Optocoupled, bi-directional LED


3.3 Vdc to 5 Vdc maximum

Maximum frequency

2 MHz at 50% duty


Front panel mounted 4P4C jack

Input type

Active low, short to ground active function


Open circuit voltage 3.3 V, source current < 3.5 mA


Windows 7 or later


Powerful bundled software allows you to easily configure and control multiple SMD3 units at once.

View critical motor properties, such as temperature, absolute and relative position. Highly configurable limits setup; change polarity, swap or rename your limits.

Command movements with the press of a button; easily toggle between velocity and absolute or relative positioning modes.

Save your project to file; quickly reconfigure the system by loading different projects. Choose to save configuration to the SMD3 units and or file.

SMD3 Software Screenshot 


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