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Ion Gauge Controller

NGC2D Bayard-Alpert Ion Gauge Controller

£950.00 excl. VAT and transportation costs

The NGC2D is a high-accuracy Ion Gauge controller that offers integrated pressure measurement and process control; with a large, clear display, an intuitive user interface and serial communications.


  • Continuous measurement range: 1000 mBar to 3 x 10-11 mbar.
  • Controls 2 Ion gauges (sequentially), 2 AML Pirani gauges and 1 Capacitance Manometer.
  • Bright green LED display shows bar-graph or numeric pressure, trend, diagnostics, etc..
  • Display in mBar, Torr or Pascal. Permanent bar-graph of Pirani pressures.
  • Customizable gauge labels.
  • Simple, guided setup is re-entrant and can be password protected
  • Automatic or manual emission current setting.
  • Ion gauge sensitivity adjustable 1mbar-1 to 140mbar-1.
  • Automatic start of Ion gauge in pump-down and can be interlocked by Pirani or external signal.
  • Manual and automatic electron-bombardment degas programs.
  • 4 power relays for process control (5A, 240V) flexibly assignable to gauges with programable hysterisis.
  • System bakeout program with control of temperature, time & over-pressure limit. Integral K-thermocouple amplifier.
  • Automatic control of titanium sublimation pump controller with optional countdown / cancellation of imminent firing.
  • RS-232C interface for data-logging and control
  • Recorder output 1.0 volt/decade.
  • 1U high full-width, steel cased instrument for easy rack-mounting.
  • Operates from 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz supply.
Order CodeDescriptionPrice £
NGC2DIon Gauge Controller950.00
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Ionization Gauge

Gauge type:

AML AIG1xG are recommended. Bayard-Alpert gauges from many other manufacturers are suitable without adjustment other than sensitivity.


From 1 x 10-3 to below 3 x 10-11 mbar with a UHV gaugehead with tungsten filaments. The low limit is dependent on gaugehead, cable construction and length and conditions of use. The upper limit is determined by the acceptable life of the filament and my be extended by the use of thoria or yttria-coated iridium filaments.

Accuracy and repeatability:

Determined principally by the gauge-head: controller errors are much smaller. Emission at 0.5mA is recommended. Electrometer logarithmic conformance at 21°C, <1% 1mA to 10pA, <10% 10pA to 2pA.

Gauge supplies:

Grid: +200 volts in emission, +500 volts at ≤60 mA in degas.
Filament: +50 volt bias, ≤12 volts at ≤4.2 A (Tungsten) ≤2.6 A (Iridium) with filament power limited at > 30 watts.

Pirani Gauge

Gauge type:

AML types PVU and PVB.
A constant-voltage bridge circuit reduces contamination at high pressures. AML Pirani gaugeheads may be exchanged or extension leads may be connected without adjustments being necessary.

Capacitance Manometer

Gauge type:

Gauges of any manufacture having a +10 volt full-scale output at 1, 10, 100 or 1000 mbar or Torr and which are self-powered are suitable. Pressure indication can be in units different to the full-scale units defined for the Gauge.

General Specifications

Pressure display:

Scientific notation (1 or 2 decimal place resolution) or bar-graph displays in mbar, Torr or Pascal.

Operating temperature:

5º to 35º Celsius for specified performance. Incoming air temperature is measured and displayed and operation is inhibited at >40°C.

Supply voltage:

100 V to 240 V nominal at 48 to 65 Hz, without adjustment.

Power consumption:


1U high, full width x 270mm Deep

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