AGP-1 to NGC3 Adapter


From £18.00 excl. VAT and transportation cost$25.00 excl. VAT and transportation cost€25.00 excl. VAT and transportation cost

The XAD1 Active Pirani Gauge adapter features a DB9 female connector and an RJ45 female connector. It is used for adapting the AML AGP-1 Active Pirani Gauges' female DB9 connector to an 8P8C RJ45 connector; so that any length patch lead can be used and connected to the NGC3 Ion Gauge Controller.



  • Connections: 1 x DB9 (9 pin, D-Sub) Female, 1 x 8P8C RJ45 Female
  • Colour: Black
  • 85 mm x 34 mm x 16 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 18 g


  • Available in various lengths
  • Connections: 2 x 8P8C RJ45 Male
Order Code Description
XAD1-03 XAD1 Adapter with 3 m shielded patch lead18.0025.0025.00
XAD1-05 XAD1 Adapter with 5 m shielded patch lead19.0025.0025.00
XAD1-10 XAD1 Adapter with 10 m shielded patch lead28.0040.0035.00

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