Custom UHV High Load (Rigid) Rotation Stage

Posted on Tuesday 18th July 2023 at 11:34

Arun Microelectronics Ltd is proud to share our latest custom UHV stage.

Custom High Load Rotataion

Custom UHV High Load (Rigid) Rotation Stage


A customer contacted AML about a unique application that required a UHV compatible rotation stage with a centred load capacity of 220kg and 0.005° resolution. This is beyond the specification of any existing AML rotation stage, so a custom design was required. The design process began and AML worked in close collaboration with the end user to ensure their full requirements were being met throughout this process.

The stage features a rigid design allowing for high moment loads. The size of the sample being applied to the stage necessitated a 300mm diameter table that can be seen in the final version of the stage. Due to the large size of the stage, a combination of stainless-steel and UHV-prepared alumnium has been used to reduce mass. Additional weight-saving design features can be seen throughout the stage. For ease of connectivity, a D-sub connector was designed into the body of the stage. A constant force spring is included in the design to achieve a backlash less than the resolution of the stage. The stage was designed with the inclusion of an incremental encoder for position feedback and control.


Vacuum: 1x10-10 mBar
0.005° resolution
220kg centred load capacity
300mm diameter table to coordinate with large load
Features an incremental encoder


Custom High Load Rotation


Once assembled, the stage went through rigorous load testing at the AML factory to guarantee the stage conformed to every requirement of the original application. This included applying loads of up to 220 kg to the stage and testing a varying speeds and accelerations.


Application Example


The custom high load rotation stage has already been used in a new mechanism designed by AML. The rigid design and load capacity of the custom rotation stage made it an optimal solution for the rotation axis of this mechanism with a large 850 mm length rotating cantilever beam. This mechanism exemplefies the versatility of AML's VSM stages and how they can be incorporated into designs as standard and in conjunction with custom stages.

Cantilever beam mechanism

Custom 4-axis UHV Mechanism Featuring Custom Rotation Stage and Cantilever Beam


High Load Stage

Cantilever Beam

VSM17 Stages

Features high specification bearings to increase load capacity. 300mm diameter table from the original rotation is replaced by a mounting table for the cantilever beam. Large 850mm length cantilever beam mounted on the custom rotation. The beam was designed specifically for this mechanism. It features a weight-saving design and is constructed with UHV-prepared aluminium. Fine sample manipulation is achieved with standard VSM17 stages. A VSM17-X-150-HR-LS is used for the Z-axis. A VSM17-G euler goniometer is mounted to the VSM17-X.
Rotation stage Cantilever beam VSM17 stages


Axis R (Custom Rotation) Z (VSM17-X-150-HR-LS) G1 (VSM17-G-114-LS) G2 (VSM17-G-070-LS)
Motor Type D42.2 D35.1+SG35-005 D35.1 D35.1
Stacking Order 1 2 3 4
Lubrication Nyetorr® 6300 Nyetorr® 6300 Nyetorr® 6300 Nyetorr® 6300
Guide type Crossed roller Crossed roller Crossed roller Crossed roller
Load - - - 5kg
Travel 0 -360° (not for continuous rotation) 150mm ±90° ±15°
Resolution (per step) 0.005°  1µm  0.005° 0.005°


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