UHV Stepper Motors

Ultra High Vacuum Stepper Motors

From £600.00 excl. VAT and transportation cost

Ultra High Vacuum stepper motors. Available in a range of sizes with torque ratings from 70mNm to 800mNm.


  • High torque fourth generation UHV stepper motors
  • Suitable for use below 1x10-10mbar
  • Bakeable to 200°C
  • Operational temperature range -65°C to +175°C
  • Embedded thermocouple or PT100 sensor
  • Open construction with all internal spaces vented
  • Continuous running in vacuum at high torque and step rates with SMD210 drive
  • Radiation hard versions available
  • Custom shaft modifications available
Order Code Description Price £
D35.1 UHV Stepper Motor, 70mNm600.00
D42.1 UHV Stepper Motor, 180mNm600.00
D42.2 UHV Stepper Motor, 360mNm714.00
D42.3 UHV Stepper Motor, 450mNm800.00
D57.1 UHV Stepper Motor, 800mNm950.00