Wire & Accessories

UHV Compatible Wire & Thermocouple

UHV Compatible Wire & Thermocouple  ktk/kwx

Polyimide covered wire and type K thermocouple.

Centering Ring

Centering Ring  zcr16

KF16 centering ring used for mating KF flanges and include both the centering ring and O-ring. The centering ring contains a rubber elastomeric fluorocarbon o-ring.

Swing Clamp

Swing Clamp  zsc16

KF16 aluminium swing clamp used in conjunction with a centering ring for mating KF flanges.

Copper Gaskets

Copper Gaskets  zgsk

Electrolytically refined oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) Copper Gaskets for CF Flanges. Impermeable to gases and able to withstand moderately high temperatures.

CF Hex Head Bolt & Nut Sets

CF Hex Head Bolt & Nut Sets  zbkt

These stainless steel bolt sets fit clearance (through-hole) CF flanges.