18-way feedthrough
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MLF18 18-way Electrical Feedthrough

MLF18F 18-way feedthrough on a DN40 CF flange (70 mm OD). Individual glass compression seals and bakeable to 250°C.

18-way feedthrough on DN40 CF (70 mm OD) with individual glass compression seals

Suitable for use to 1 x 10 -9 mBar (7.5 x 10-10 Torr)

Bakeable to 250°C

Male to male connection

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MLF18 18-way Electrical Feedthrough
MLF18 UHV ConnectorsMLF18 UHV Connectors
MLF18 UHV Connectors

UHV, 18-way Vacuum-Side Connectors.

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MLF18 Air-Side ConnectorMLF18 Air-Side Connector
MLF18 Air-Side Connector

Bakeable connector which mates with the air-side of the MLF18F feedthrough.

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