VSM17-G Euler Goniometer Demonstration

Posted on Tuesday 6th September 2022 at 9:00

Watch Arun Microelectronics Ltd's new video demonstration of our UHV compatible Euler goniometer:


Vacuum: 1E-10 mBar

Resolution: 0.005° per step

Common centre of rotation


This 2-axis mechanism showcases the combination of AML's standard VSM17-G-070 and VSM17-G-114 UHV modular goniometer stages to form a common centre of rotation, as highlighted in the video with the sample sphere. Using the VSM17's standard mounting patterns, an additional axis can be mounted without the need for custom adapters and brackets. This enables users to configure a mechanism that best suits their application, and allows for the possible range of motion to be easily expanded or modified.


As demonstrated in the video, the VSM17-G-114 has ±180° of travel which allows for a wide range of possible motions.


This Euler goniometer was being driven by AML's SMD3 stepper motor drives with a script created in our AML Device Control Software.


Listed below is the specification of our Euler goniometer and VSM17-G UHV modular stages:

Axis VSM17-G-114 VSM17-G-070
Motor Type D35.1 D35.1
Stacking Order 1 2
Lubrication Nyetorr® 6300 Nyetorr® 6300
Load 40 kg 40 kg
Travel ±180° ±15°
Resolution (per step) 0.005° 0.005°
Mass Including Motor 2.5 kg 1.38 kg


Learn more about the VSM17-G, and the VSM17 series as a whole here: https://arunmicro.com/vsm17/.