UHV Stages

Modular, motorised vacuum mechanisms. High-performance stages with standardised mounting patterns, angle brackets and adapters which enable customers to configure complex multi-axis positioning systems.

Highly modular

An array of hole positions allow for additional VSM17 stages, detectors and sample holders to be mounted in a variety of configurations.

Crossed roller bearings

Provide high rigidity, high running accuracy and high load capacity. Unlike other bearing solutions they can support high moment loads, radial forces or tilting loads.

Ultra-high vacuum compatible

Manufactured with UHV compatible material and construction methods and utilize AML’s proven UHV stepper motors. Suitable for use below 1 x 10-10 mbar and bakeable to 200 °C.

Uses hand-built UHV compatible stepper motors

All hand-build and test processes are performed in our ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

Limit switch/encoder options available

Accurate and responsive position data can be fed in to your control system to regulate speed and stage position commands.

Manufactured in our UK-based factory

Manufactured in West Sussex, UK, we extensively test every motor and stage to meet our high standards.



Linear translation stage suitable for use in UHV. Can support loads of up to 50 kg and travel from 50 to 200 mm. 1 µm or 5 µm resolution and zero backlash allows for precise in-vacuum motion.

50 to 200 mm travel

Many sizes available to maximise space efficiency with your travel requirement.

XY & Z

Directly stackable for X and Y, and standard brackets available for Z.

5 μm resolution

The accurate and repeatable resolution of 5 μm makes VSM17-X stages suited for high-precision applications. 1 μm option is available.

Bakeable to 200 °C

For use in UHV, baking at up to 200°C is essential to achieve low outgassing rates (maximum bake temperature for stages with the encoder option is 120 °C).


Contact our sales team to discuss the feasibility of your specific, custom requirements

Uses AML D35.1 motor

VSM17-X stages use our popular D35.1 UHV-compatible stepper motor, hand-built in our ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

Options available

High resolution (1 μm), radiation resistant and dry lubricated versions available.

Order Code Description
VSM17-X-050 50 mm Travel, 5 µm Resolution2,820.003,550.003,270.00
VSM17-X-100 100 mm Travel, 5 µm Resolution3,734.004,700.004,325.00
VSM17-X-150 150 mm Travel, 5 µm Resolution4,792.006,035.005,550.00
VSM17-X-200 200 mm Travel, 5 µm Resolution6,662.008,385.007,720.00



Vertical translation stage suitable for Z axis use in UHV. Can support loads of up to 20 kg and travel of 50 mm with an unobstructed sample table.

Unobstructed sample table

The sample table is always above the mechanism throughout its full range of travel.

Constructed of UHV-compatible materials

VSM17 stages are designed for use in ultra-high vacuum environments. They are manufactured using only UHV-compatible materials and manufacturing techniques.

Order Code Description
VSM17-Z-050 50 mm Travel, 1 µm Resolution3,656.004,605.004,235.00



Wide temperature range

A standard VSM17 has a wide temperature range of −65 °C to 200 °C

Continuous rotation and a range of resolutions

A fully continuous 360° rotation can be achieved, with resolutions to meet your application's requirements.

18 mm diameter aperture

The central hole makes it possible to pass leads and other mechanical features through, increasing the configuration posibilities.

Order Code Description
VSM17-R-3K6 0.1° Resolution, Continuous Rotation4,934.006,210.005,715.00
VSM17-R-72K 0.005° Resolution, Continuous Rotation4,141.005,215.004,800.00



Euler gonimeter system

Combining the VSM17-G-070 and VSM17-G-114 attains a common center of rotation.

Rigid construction, high load capacity, smooth motion

The rigid construction allows for a high centred load capacity of 40 kg, whilst maintaining smooth motion.

May be customised for specific requirements

Various options such as limit switches, encoder and radiation hardening are available, as well as one-off customisations.

Order Code Description
VSM17-G-070 0.005° Resolution, ±15° Travel. Rotational Centre 70mm5,747.007,235.006,660.00
VSM17-G-114 0.005° Resolution, ±180° Travel. Rotational Centre 114mm6,563.008,265.007,605.00