Vacuum-Side Connectors

UHV Vacuum Compatible Connectors.
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MLF18 UHV ConnectorsMLF18 UHV Connectors
MLF18 UHV Connectors

UHV, 18-way Vacuum-Side Connectors.

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D-sub UHV ConnectorsD-sub UHV Connectors
D-sub UHV Connectors

UHV, bakeable D-sub connector. 9 and 15-way female connectors available for mating with the VFxxD-xxCF feedthroughs.

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D-Sub Cable Strain ReliefD-Sub Cable Strain Relief
D-Sub Cable Strain Relief

Strain relief for PEEK D-sub connectors.

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VCC7 UHV ConnectorsVCC7 UHV Connectors
VCC7 UHV Connectors

UHV, 7-Way Vacuum Compatible Connectors.

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UHV Wiring AccessoriesUHV Wiring Accessories
UHV Wiring Accessories

Cable clamps and terminal blocks for in-vacuum cabling.

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