Our commitment to the environment

Posted on Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 16:14

Our commitment to the environment

Arun Microelectronics has always strived to exercise green practices to reduce our carbon footprint, both at our own facility and throughout our supply chain. We proactively monitor and consider the choices made to minimise our negative impact on the environment.

Carbon-free energy

Our Sussex-based facility is powered by 100% renewable energy from solar, wind and hydro sources; provided by Bulb. This helps us lower our carbon impact by 13,649 kg of CO2 every year. On top of being powered by 100% renewable energy, AML make conscious decisions to reduce the embodied energy of all of our products. Some of the ways in which we reduce the energy required to design, produce and deliver our products are as follows:

  • Acquiring materials and resources from environmentally friendly sources
  • Streamlining development and production processes to reduce waste and time spent
  • Utilising local suppliers and contractors
  • Delivering our products with a sustainability-conscious courier, UPS
  • Promoting repair before disposal
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Responsibly disposing of waste

Promoting repair before disposal

Our products are designed, manufactured and comprehensively tested to lessen the chance of faults developing. However, over time faults do sometimes occur in older equipment, and we understand that to reduce our environmental impact, it is much better to offer a repair; extending the product life, before committing to disposal. Our standard repair charge of £280.00 covers the rectification of all common faults of instruments less than 15 years old. Instruments older than 15 years may be repairable but are assessed on an individual basis. Please read our Returns Procedure for more information.

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