UHV Vacuum – The Importance Of Working In A Vacuum

UHV vacuum chamber working is essential in several technological and engineering sectors. There are several reasons why your manufacturing, research or analysis department should consider working in this type of environment. Read on to learn why working in a vacuum, and more importantly the right type of vacuum systems, is important.

Sealed vacuum chambers and equipment are a requirement of many products from incandescent light bulbs to vacuum cleaners. However, the use of vacuums goes far beyond these basic uses, playing an essential role in technologies research. Vacuums’ values range from low, or rough, vacuums to extremely high vacuums; with one of the most common vacuum values used within research being the ultra high vacuum. One of the main reasons for the use of UHV vacuums is that this level of pressure provides an environment that can be kept as clean as possible for extended periods of time. This is important in terms of research and development as it provides consistent conditions. Experiments vary in the amount of time they take to complete, and it is important that the environment remains steady throughout that period. Changes in the conditions affect the reliability of the outcome. Using stable vacuum chambers means that the results of experiments are more accurate and can be repeated. One of the other biggest concerns of researchers in any field is the problem of interference. This concern is eliminated within a suitable vacuum environment. This type of custom environment also allows your scientists and researchers to work with electrons and ions without interference from gas phase scattering. Again, this means that the conditions and the experiments are repeatable. It also means that smaller changes in the chamber are detectable.

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