UHV Accessories

Vacuum accessories include: Electrical Feedthroughs, Air and Vacuum Side Connectors, Connecting Cables and Wiring Accessories.

Electrical Feedthroughs

Electrical Feedthroughs 

UHV Electrical Feedthroughs.

Air-Side Connector

Air-Side Connector  mlf18ac

Bakeable connector which mates with the air-side of the MLF18F feedthrough.

Vacuum-Side Connectors

Vacuum-Side Connectors 

UHV Vacuum Compatible Connectors.

UHV Compatible Wire & Thermocouple

UHV Compatible Wire & Thermocouple  ktk/kwx

Polyimide covered wire and type K thermocouple.

UHV Wiring Accessories

UHV Wiring Accessories  pwb/vtb6

Cable clamps and terminal blocks for in-vacuum cabling.

Connector Pins & Tooling

Connector Pins & Tooling 

Crimp-contacts and tools for use with UHV connectors.

UHV Compatible Limit Switch

UHV Compatible Limit Switch  vls1

PEEK UHV Compatible Limit Switch