Passive Gauges

Our range of passive gauges, covering a pressure range of 200 mbar to 3x10-11. Our range includes nude Bayard-Alpert ionization gauges and Pirani gauges.

Ultra High Vacuum Ion Gauges

Ultra High Vacuum Ion Gauges  aig1xg

Nude Bayard-Alpert ion gauges covering the vacuum range 1 x 10-3 to 3 x 10-11 mBar. They are intended for electron-bombardment degas. Available with a range of filament materials.

Pirani Gauge Heads and Leads

Pirani Gauge Heads and Leads  pvx3

Bakeable and non-bakeable Pirani gauges and extension leads for use with AML gauge controllers.

Ion Gauge Filaments

Ion Gauge Filaments  fil1x

Replacement dual filament assemblies for AML ion gauges. Thoria or Yttria coated Iridium and Tungsten.

Ion Gauge Cables

Ion Gauge Cables  aiglx

AIGL 250°C Bakeable cables for use with AIG ion gauges.