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Firmware Upgrade

A user install pack to upgrade all NGC & NGC2D ion gauge controllers to the current version 6 firmware.

£15.00. Part No. FU-NGC.

Please include your instruments serial number when placing an order.



From £30.00 excl. VAT and transportation costs

Replacement dual filament assemblies for AML ion gauges. Thoria or Yttria coated Iridium and Tungsten.


  • Replacement filament assemblies for AML AIG ion gauges
  • Tungsten, Thoria-coated Iridium or Yttria-coated Iridium available
  • Supplied complete with full instructions, replacement grub-screws and hex-key

Pirani Gauge Heads and Leads

PVx3 Pirani Gaugeheads for use with AML Ion Gauge Controllers

From £148.00 excl. VAT and transportation costs

Bakeable and non-bakeable Pirani gauges and extension leads for use with AML gauge controllers.


  • Pirani gauges specifically for use with AML ion gauge controllers
  • Range 200 mbar to 1x10-3 mbar
  • Bakeable versions available
  • AML extension leads can be fitted without affecting calibration

Ion Gauge Cables

AIGLx Ion Gauge Cables

From £157.00 excl. VAT and transportation costs

AIGL 250°C Bakeable cables for use with AIG ion gauges.


  • Composite cable for use with AML ion gauges and controllers
  • Bakeable to 250ºC
  • 3, 6 or 9 metre standard lengths
  • Custom lengths available

Ion Gauges

AIG1xG Ion Gauges

From £285.00 excl. VAT and transportation costs

Nude Bayard-Alpert ion gauges covering the vacuum range 1x10-3 to 3x10-11 mbar.


  • Range 1x10-3 to 3x10-11 mbar
  • Twin tungsten, thoria or yttria-coated filaments available
  • Degassing by electron-bombardment
  • Bakeout temperature 250ºC
  • DN40 CF mounting flange

Ion Gauge Controller

NGC2D Bayard-Alpert Ion Gauge Controller

£950.00 excl. VAT and transportation costs

The NGC2D is a high-accuracy Ion Gauge controller that offers integrated pressure measurement and process control; with a large, clear display, an intuitive user interface and serial communications.


  • Continuous measurement range: 1000 mBar to 3 x 10-11 mbar.
  • Controls 2 Ion gauges (sequentially), 2 AML Pirani gauges and 1 Capacitance Manometer.
  • Bright green LED display shows bar-graph or numeric pressure, trend, diagnostics, etc..
  • Display in mBar, Torr or Pascal. Permanent bar-graph of Pirani pressures.
  • Customizable gauge labels.
  • Simple, guided setup is re-entrant and can be password protected
  • Automatic or manual emission current setting.
  • Ion gauge sensitivity adjustable 1mbar-1 to 140mbar-1.
  • Automatic start of Ion gauge in pump-down and can be interlocked by Pirani or external signal.
  • Manual and automatic electron-bombardment degas programs.
  • 4 power relays for process control (5A, 240V) flexibly assignable to gauges with programable hysterisis.
  • System bakeout program with control of temperature, time & over-pressure limit. Integral K-thermocouple amplifier.
  • Automatic control of titanium sublimation pump controller with optional countdown / cancellation of imminent firing.
  • RS-232C interface for data-logging and control
  • Recorder output 1.0 volt/decade.
  • 1U high full-width, steel cased instrument for easy rack-mounting.
  • Operates from 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz supply.