Cheap Linear Stage – Getting Value For Your Money

Cheap linear stage components are available from numerous sources both on and offline. However, cheap components do not always amount to the same as saving money or getting a good return on your investment. It is more important to know how to get value for money, as this will be much cheaper in the long term.

When you are looking for linear stage components, whether that is a complete stepper motor, replacement parts, or even a control unit, knowing what you need is the first step to saving money. If you are unsure of the specifications you need for your own system, it is very easy to be lulled into buying either more equipment than you need, our parts that just aren’t up to the standard you require. In terms of specifications, you need to ensure that the parts are suitable for the vacuum and pressures that they will need to work at. To ensure this, look for the mBar, Torr, or Pa (Pascal) suitability of the part. If you are working in UHV environments, then ideally you want your components to work effectively at below 10-10 mBar, or equivalent. Check whether the parts are bakeable. Most ultra high vacuum systems use baking to help remove surface and under-surface gases. If your parts are cheap, but can’t be baked, how will this affect your processes? Particularly in relation to stepper motors and motor parts, consider the torque that the parts can manage, and how the component is affected by the stresses they will be working under. Remember, leaks and extensive outgassing are additional problems that come with some less effective components.

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